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Bespoke Gauging and Fixtures, Bore Gauging, Comparitors, Contour Tracing, Endoscopes, Form Testers, Height Gauges, Micrometers, Roundness Testers, Surface Roughness / Finish Testers.

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For individual Bore Micrometers please ask for details or call 07887 691129
We offer a range of bore gauges from 0.47 mm to 500 mm diameter with optional extensions available.

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Height Gauges

View and download data sheets on the Trimos range - V3-V4,   V5-V6,   V7 (2D height gauge)
The Trimos V4 height gauges are the most popular in the Trimos range, they are extremely versatile measuring instruments and well priced, they have been developed for the most difficult workshop environments. For measuring hole diameter and position, heights, internal depths, measuring centreline position, steps etc.Manufactured entirely in Switzerland, they will guarantee a robust, precise and reliable shop floor measuring instrument. The Trimos V5 height gauge has a motorised as well as manual displacement and great accuracy. See offers.
For more than 40 years Trimos philosophy has been to offer easy-to-use measuring instruments that are very efficient in production environments.

The display unit provides functions that are directly accessible and depicted with symbols easy to understand.

This allows for easy and quick handling even by unqualified personnel. The large 2-line « Black Mask » display offers an exceptional contrast in all lighting conditions, a unique characteristic on the market.The V4 measuring column offers the same functions as the V3. In addition it is equipped with a second probe holder as well as with an air cushion for easy displacement on the measuring table. The programmable functions buttons of the handle allow a quick access to the functions most used.

  • Measuring height ranges 400 and 700 mm
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Electronically adjustable measuring force
  • Autonomy: 40 h (lithium-ion batteries)
  • Larger than 300 mm probes as standard
  • Vast range of accessories
  • All adjustments possible without tools
  • RS232 et USB interfaces
  • Wireless Data Transfer Option now available. Please Enquire

Technical Specifications

Measuring range
mm (in)
407 (16)
711 (28)
Measuring range with extension
mm (in)
719 (28)
1023 (40)
Max. permissible errors
Frontal squareness deviation
2 (Ø:4)
Measuring force
0.75 ÷ 1.5
USB / RS232
Air cushion

Trimos Hi-Cal Motorised Digital Height Gauge

The very low measuring pressure, combined with automatic probe compensation and diameter/centreline measurement makes the Z-Cal a world class height gauge. These versions are supplied with X - Y Co-ordinate measurement as standard.


  • Hi-Cal 150 + Hi-Cal 300
  • Easy to use instrument
  • Back lit display
  • Motorised probe
  • Constant measuring force
  • Change of the measuring modes: measuring of heights, internal and external diameters, centrelines
  • Data sending on A4 printer or of PC
  • Robust and reliable
  • Large range of accessories available
  • Supplied with setting master
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Special Gauging Systems & Bespoke Gauging / Fixturing

A complete service of design, manufacture and UKAS calibration of special purpose gauges and bespoke gauges, Gauging fixtures, CMM workholding Fixtures, Assembly tooling, special fixturing and most precision tooling and machining to your requirements.

Working from your 2D drawings or by manipulating and interrogating your 3D models to abstract the data needed to produce bespoke Gauges, Gauging Fixtures, CMM workholding aids or tooling. The facility to read / write most formats including Dwg, Dxf, Vda, Acis, Pro-e, Catia 4 & 5 (including exp), Step, Iges and Unigraphics.

Including Gap, Plug, Ring, Taper, Form, Acceptance and receiver Gauges. Bespoke Gauging fixtures that incorporate simple Go / Nogo devices, dial indicators, or electronic probes for data output.

Bespoke tooling to your specification to aid CMM workholding, assembly, machining, general work holding, testing or measurement.

Special Gauging Fixtures, Bespoke CMM Workholding, Attribute Gauging

Integrated cad / cam software suite.

Screw and Spline Gauging as part of a one stop uk manufactured package for new projects.

UKAS certification with new gauges or as part of an on-going re-calibration system.

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Calibration and Asset Management Software

Manage all your inspection equipment, tooling, machine tools and just about whatever you want to put on the system. Avoid duplication, multiple systems and spreadsheets. Simplify your companies calibration and asset administration. A robust set of asset management features. Automatic asset numbering, data validation, company asset segregation, unlimited custom fields, unlimited historical event tracking, location awareness, issue and return routines, calibration, repairs, current tracking status, customized scheduling, and so much more. Contact us for more information or a demonstration

It is very different to anything that has ever been available before, with the emphasis on flexibility and security. Download Brochure

Users include BMW, GE, Rolls Royce, Medtronic, BAE Systems, Delta Airlines, Michelin, Motorola, Hamilton Sunstrand, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Caterpillar, Nortel Networks, Bose, Rockwell, Honeywell, Dana, London Underground, Bosch, Allied Signal, McLaren Racing, IBM, Tyco, Toyoto Cars......

Manufacturing / Non Commercial - Used by Leading companies in Aerospace, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical for support of their processes. With the exclusive all-in-one client, there is no need to pick and choose between additional packages for core quality tracking requirements.

Calibration - Built for the widest range of needs in manufacturing and production facilities. In house, in the field, or outsourced... total tracking and flow control for calibrated and non-calibrated serialized assets.

Tooling - Manage consumables, hand tools, and high value assets from one central system. Integrates fully with the calibration processes for complete crib control.

Commercial Services - From the individual startup, to a globe-spanning Enterprise, receive an unmatched set of features that bring all of your service-related assets and activities into a centralized quality control system.

Commercial Lab - Created for labs of all sizes with room to grow. Manage unlimited customers, automate recalls, customize work flow events and results to meet individual customer demands in-house or in the field.

Preventative Maintenance - From the individual startup, to a globe-spanning Enterprise, bring all of your service-related assets and activities into a centralized quality control system. For more information or an initial phone discussion, please Enquire

Asset Management Summary

A robust set of asset management features. Automatic asset numbering, data validation, company asset segregation, unlimited custom fields, unlimited historical event tracking, location awareness, issue and return routines, calibration, repairs, current tracking status, customized scheduling, and so much more.

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Compliance Software

BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR COMPLIANCE - Breeze through your audit and maintain your accreditation. Download Brochure

Finally, a single platform to handle all of your documents, processes and accreditations.

  • Centralize your organization's audit data
  • Ensure compliance with standards
  • Reduce audit prep time
  • Reduce risk across your organization
  • Get reports delivered right to you
  • Encourage a culture of quality and continuous improvement

Simplified Document Organisation - Simplify your organization, access, and updating of documentation within your organization to meet compliance needs.

  • Maintain up-to-date data across your organization
  • Manage compliance with role-based actions
  • Easily find the documents that you need in a central location
  • Meet Document Control requirements
  • Receive automated alerts

Create a Workflow that works - Automate just about any process in your organization

  • Increase efficiency and reduce time with automated processes
  • Gain visibility of processes including gaps and bottlenecks
  • Embrace flexibility through tools and templates
  • Run reports on active and past processes
  • Consistently manage processes across your organization

Train employees, effectively and efficiently - Track employee effectiveness and training completion so you don’t have to worry.

  • Make training easier and faster with automatic reminders
  • Assign role-based trainings across your organization
  • Gain visibility and insight into performance
  • Access real-time training data
  • Prove employee effectiveness with reports

Customized to fit your needs - Our integrations connect to your other systems to reduce duplicate data entry, remove risk, and eliminate manual steps.

  • Active Directory
  • 3rd Party Authentication
  • ERP
  • LIMS
  • Email
  • MS Office
  • Network Storage & Custom Websites
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