Portable Arms

Great Measuring Arms from Tomelleri with the powerful yet so simple to use Aberlink software - An outstanding combination

Space and Space Plus Portable Arms

1.8M to 4M, light weight, ergonomic, counter balanced portable measuring arms 6 and 7 axis, good accuracy. Choice of probes includes
U fork for Pipe measurement.

Mercury Highest Accuracy Arm

1.3M and 1.8M highest accuracy, light weight, ergonomic, counter balanced portable measuring arms 6 and 7 axis.
1300mm: 0,005 + L\50 < 0,015 mm
1800mm: 0,005 + L\40 < 0,018 mm

Explorer Large Measurement Arm

5.0M, 7.0M up to 9.0M.When you need to measure a large volume. Incredible accuracy for volume. Electromagnetic lock on 2nd axis for ergonomic use at a chosen locked height.

Aberlink Software Powerful/Easy to use

Great software with 3D geometric measurement, CAD comparison (option) comprehensive reporting and CAD output as standard, great for reverse engineering. Retrofits.

MERCURY – The Highest Accuracy Made Easy

MERCURY Arm is the result of over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of high-end Articulated Arm. Further improved by new hardware and software solutions, this arm reaches a level of accuracy never seen before.

PERFECT BALANCE The MERCURY Arm is characterized by a completely new handling solution with an optimized mass counterbalance, making the arm very light in the hands and ensuring an immediate confidence.

HOME POSITION IN FRONT Thanks to the innovative counterbalance, the MERCURY Arm has a safe home position directly in front of the operator. To take the arm and to put it back has never been so quick and easy.

READY TO OPERATE The MERCURY Arm is designed to obtain the best performances with the best handling conditions. The arm can be placed directly on the supporting surface without fixation, or on a tripod, as preferred.

LARGE SOFTWARE SELECTION The MERCURY Arm keeps the compatibility with the main inspection software available.



ModelPoint RepeatabilityVolumetric AccuracyMPEpMPEe
MERCURY 13000,010 mm0,020 mm0,008 mm0,005 + L\50 < 0,015 mm
MERCURY 18000,012 mm0,024 mm0,008 mm0,005 + L\40 < 0,018 mm
  • Any value in this table is reported as Maximum Permissible Error 
  • MPEp: is the Maximum Permissible Probing Error according to the ISO 10360-2 standard
  • MPEe: is the Volumetric Length Measuring Error according to the ISO 10360-2 standard


MERCURY 13006392142391613343273236509.5
MERCURY 180076021423917533445244890010.4


POWER SUPPLY100-240V / 50-60 Hz
OPERATING CONDITIONS+10° – +40° ; Humidity 90% without condensing
CONFORMITYIn compliance with CE

SPACE Plus and SPACE – Measurement Arms

The SPACE Plus and the SPACE are two portable articulated arms CMM, ideal for quick and accurate inspection of any parts within its range.

They are the result of nearly 30 years of experience in production of portable measurement arms, culminating in this renewed version.

Now we have better accuracy and repeatability and also a new design nice to see.

The SPACE line arms are now lighter and this make it easier to handle the arm during measuring.

The counter-balance system with a double spring also gives the machine characteristics of precision light-weight and easy handling.

Our new arm is the top of reliability, accuracy, and flexibility in use.

The SPACE Plus arm can be used also in combination with Laser Scanners for point cloud inspection or reverse-engineering, in 7 axis configuration.

This version has some unique features like the magnetic brake, which prevent accidental fall of the arm and improved electronics for better performance.

It’s the perfect equipment for touch or laser inspection and reverse-engineering and is suitable also for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software.

Our SPACE Plus arms are available in several size: from 1.8m to 4.0m diameter range and in 6 or 7 axis configuration.


SPACE PlusMeasuring
SPACE PLUS series (6 and 7 axes arm) – all values in mm – *=2 sigma error (mm)
SPACE 1.8 Plus -6 axes1800mm0,0200,0128,4
SPACE 2.5 Plus -6 axes2500mm0,0260,0168,9
SPACE 3.2 Plus -6 axes3200mm0,0360,0209,3
SPACE 4.0 Plus -6 axes4000mm0,0460,02410,0
SPACE 1.8 Plus -7 axes1800mm0,0270,0178,9
SPACE 2.5 Plus -7 axes2500mm0,0340,0219,4
SPACE 3.2 Plus -7 axes3200mm0,0450,0269,8
SPACE 4.0 Plus -7 axes4000mm0,0560,03010,5
The SPACE arm is the entry-level version of SPACE Plus arm with light electronics, available only in 6 axes configuration and without the electromagnetic brake.

Touch trigger probe, “floating” probe and laser forks can be quickly interchanged thanks to a highprecision mount.

It’s suitable also for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software.

Our SPACE arms are available in several size: from 1.8m to 4.0m diameter range and in 6 configuration.

SPACE series (6 axes arm) – all values in mm – *=2 sigma error (mm)
SPACE 1.81800mm0,0250,0187,9
SPACE 2.52500mm0,0360,0228,4
SPACE 3.23200mm0,0450,0328,8
SPACE 4.04000mm0,0600,0409,5

The high repeatability probe mount, ensure an easy and reliable use of the arm, switching from one probe configuration to another, having the system automatically recognizing the type and the parameters of the probe in use.

SPACE Tubo – the Pipe inspection solution

SPACE Tubo it’s the perfect equipment for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software.

It’s based on the SPACE arm design, is a portable articulated arm CMM ideal for quick and accurate inspection of pipes and any other parts within its range.

The result of more than 25 years of experience in production of portable measurement arms.

SPACE Tubo is available in several size: from 1.8m to 5.0m diameter range, and in 6 or 7 axis configuration.

The counter-balance system with a double spring also gives the machine characteristics of precision light-weight and easy handling.

It’s the top of reliability, accuracy, and flexibility in use.

Touch trigger probe, “floating” probe, laser scanners and laser forks can be quickly interchanged thanks to a highprecision mount.

It has some unique features like the magnetic brake, or the smart the sensitive “floating” probe.


SPACE TuboMeasuring
with Laser
SPACE Tubo (6 axes arms) – all values in mm – *=2 sigma error
SPACE 1.8 Tubo18000,0560,0250,0207,9
SPACE 2.5 Tubo25000,0630,0360,0288,4
SPACE 3.2 Tubo32000,0720,0450,0358,8
SPACE 4.0 Tubo40000,0990,0600,0459,5


Software TomelleriTUBO R.7 performance list

Measurement by laser fork or probe:

  • of straight tubes
  • of bent tubes measuring just the straight lengths
  • of bends (survey the bending radius)
  • of consecutive bends (absence of straight length between one bend and the other one, also called bend-to-bend)
  • of scaled tube
  • of secondary tubes welded to the main tube
  • of RCV (variable radius bend) tubes
  • of tubes having non circular section (profiles)

Possibility to change tube diameter during the measuring procedure

Comparison and correction:

  • Comparison and correction (classic mode) linked to the CNC
  • Spring-back correction (20 –120)
  • Alignment: possibility to obtain the data of the measured tube regarding (aligned) a master tube that is already in memory, to an external reference or to a drawing (manual and automatic procedure).
  • Creation of material archive for the spring-back compensation to apply to the bending program.


  • Creation of Tubes and Masters archives
  • Automatic research in archive
  • Creation, modification and printing of models in:
    • Cartesian coordinates
    • Polar coordinates
    • Double Cartesian coordinates
    • Calendering both in setting and in acquiring

Data Transmission:

  • Export via ethernet, via serial line RS232

Electronic Gauge:

  • Graphic representation of the measured tube
  • Graphic overlap of a tube on its master (flanges/holes/small pipes included)
  • Manual and automatic positioning of the tube inside the Gauge
  • Data regarding the axial and radial shifting of:
    • Beginning point of a tract
    • Middle point of a tract
    • Ending point of a tract
    • Middle point of a curve (this for each program = tract + curve)
    • Flanges, holes, small pipes
  • Setup of Gauge’s tolerances for each of the above mentioned points with graphic visualisation of the stated tolerances
  • Rotation, shifting, and dynamic zoom
  • Printing of the graph and of the obtained data
  • RCV Tubes:
    • Measurement of tubes having non constant bending radius and variable rotation along the bend without straight lengths.
    • Measurement RCV mixed with parts having variable bending radius and parts having constant bending radius
    • Setting of RCV and RCV mixed tubes from file
    • Automatic correction of the bending program for RCV and RCV mixed tubes
  • Measurement of tubes having non circular section (profiles)
  • Automatic correction of the bending program


Ideal accessory for the rapid measurement without direct contact with the pipe.

5 forks size are available (mm):
30,  50,  80,  150,  200

The smaller forks feature with a laser pointer to spot small pipes during the measure.
Pipes from 2mm to 180mm of diameter can be measured with the use of laser forks, larger diameters can be measured with the touch probe.


The touch trigger probe allow to acquire points applying the minimum force on the measured part.

Is a very precise, quick and comfortable in use, acquires points only touching the surface, without triggering buttons.
Available with many different stylus length and sphere diameters.
Touch trigger probe head offered is produced by Renishaw, model LP2

All the available probes fits the same mechanical mount of the standard SPACE version and are interchangeable. The precision mount is extremely repeatable and allow to switch from one probe to another without recalibration.


Stable and practical, is the ideal accessory to move easily and quickly the SPACE arm.
The leaflet at the base allows you to quickly switch the from measurement position to mobile position, and vice versa in a gradual way without shocks.
The tripod is adjustable in height and the weight of the tripod column is balanced by a gas spring, and a side handle allows for vertical and horizontal movement of the tripod.
The removable lateral shelf allows positioning of the laptop next to the measuring arm.


Perfect and unique accessory for this type of arm.
The portable arm unit can be placed on the top of the table with a support or just directly on the rigid laminate top surface.
Tube supports can hold the part in a correct position to allow the
inspection with great comfort of use.
Simply creating your inspection zone, beside the pipe bending machine or just in a dedicated area of your workshop.
Available for every size of SPACE TUBO arm.

EXPLORER – Measurement Arm

EXPLORER when you need to measure a large volume! The unique portable arm available in the worldwide market with a measuring range of 5.0m, 7.0m up to 9.0m!

The result of a great experience in large volume metrology of TOMELLERI ENGINEERING S.r.L.

This is the product you need when other equipment cannot reach that large size with such incredible accuracy performance.

It’s the perfect equipment for touch probe inspection of large parts, where you need to “explore” big parts with great flexibility. When your part to inspect is big and heavy, don’t move it, take the EXPLORER arm on it and get your measures done quickly.

EXPLORER standard equipped includes electromagnetic brake on the second axis, which allows the operator to lock the second axis at required height and use the arm safely and comfortably.

It’s also suitable with Laser Forks for pipe inspection, our all standard accessories line, and Laser Scanners for point cloud inspection or Reverse-engineering.

The largest portable measurement up to 9.0m of measuring range, all within incredible accuracy of 0.1mm per point on the measuring volume.

SPACE ExplorerMeasuring
SPACE EXPLORER series (6 and 7 axes arm) – all values in mm – *=2 sigma error
EXPLORER 5.0 – 6 axes5000mm0,0650,03812,5
EXPLORER 7.0 – 6 axes7000mm0,0800,04814,0
EXPLORER 9.0 – 6 axes9000mm0,1500,07516,5
EXPLORER 5.0 – 7 axes5000mm0,0750,05013,5
EXPLORER 7.0 – 7 axes7000mm0,0900,06015,0
EXPLORER 9.0 – 7 axes9000mm0,1700,09017,5

Aberlink 3D Measurement Software and CAD Comparison module are compatable with most portable arms.

Articulating Portable Measuring Arms Software

Powerful software, simple and fast to use with great functionality. CAD output as standard (ideal for reverse engineering) and CAD comparison as an option.
Aberlink 3D manual metrology software can be retrofitted to virtually every make of portable measuring arm on the market offering you great functionality and reporting with simplicity of use. We also offer training courses to get the most out your measuring arm. Uuniquely Aberlink measurement software upgrades are free for the life of the machine with no maintenance charges.

Aberlink's revolutionary measurement software provides you with a powerful, yet easy-to-use user interface. This substantially increases component through-put and vastly reduces the learning period of new users.

Watch the Aberlink 3D software video, see how easy it is to use and start to benefit. Free-of-charge Aberlink 3D software upgrades - No software maintenance charges! - Contact us to see just how affordable an Aberlink retrofit would be.

To see the range of portable measuring supplied by Purdue Metrology please click Portable Arms. We sometimes have used arms for sale please Enquire

Retrofit Kit

  • Aberlink 3D measurement software
  • Aberlink 3D measurement software user guide
  • Installation and on-site verification test
  • On-site User training course
  • Free-of-charge telephone helpdesk support
  • Free-of-charge software upgrades

Arm Kits available for:     Faro Arms - Tomelleri Arms and most other manufacturers.

See also Portable Work Station for Measuring Arms

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